United Medical offer a 12-month Interest-Free Financing option via United Medical Credit. It is an option that allows you to book all the treatments you want up front and pay for them over time.


This link is available for ALL of our locations: The Holistic Wellness Center and Beauty Secrets Wellness Center & Spa.


Just simply click the link below; complete your application and United Medical will determine how much you are approved for, and we can work our treatments within the credit you have been extended.


This will give you priority scheduling and we can schedule you out for ALL of treatments - many of which can be combined for even better results.


Remember, we can customize a package to fit your personal needs - just ask us how. . . 🖱CLICK HERE:



Who doesn't like the opportunity to pay over time with 0% interest?!?

Remember:  An interest-free period is great when you completely pay off your loan on time. So you want to make sure you pay this loan off within the 12-months you have been allotted to avoid paying any additional interest and/or fees on the amount you borrowed.